I M M E R S I V E  +  I N T E R A C T I V E   I N S T A L L A T I O N S


Andree MartisAndree Martis





FULL EXPERIENCE FROM 04/11/2021 TO  07/11/2021  -  11.00AM TO 9.00PM 

This project finds its conception in the sacred spaces over a thirteen years exploring different types of meditative states since 2008 was in a exploration of raja yoga, transcendental, sound frequencies, also having immersive Hamam baths experiences in Turkey, Temazcal (Sweat-Lodge) rituals with Shamans in Mexico and deepest silent retreats of Vipassana in UK. These spaces, the sensations and epiphanies provoked by their purifying experience inspired this installation. 

Working within a framework of equality and empowerment for the social collective, interrogating the position of mind and body in society. Forevermore I Play seeks to provoke new, intuitive knowledge at an individual level for the collective that is our society. It proposes new means of producing work that is not only aesthetically and intellectually stimulating, but also to bring some form of healing, raising up our voices and creativity, having properties that actively contribute to the well-being being educative of those that participate. The current state of the world has reached a critical point in which new modes of existing must be proposed. Forevermore I Play hopes to transcend this society so that the individual and the collective feel renewed and inspired in a New Era.

This is Time for Play. This is Time for Self-Expression.
This is Time for Healing. This is Time for Growth.

The audiovisual installation is a multi-sensory interactive experience in which the spectator - participant has all their senses activated to engage their conscious and subconscious minds. Senses are stimulated immediately upon entering the space with five projections, welcomed by a comforting warmth, circular middle shape, a familiar and sweet fragrance as pulsations of sound vibrations. Lights envelops the space in a kind of return to the womb. The movement of the sound was designed to surround the space crossing lines from of wall to another. It all generates a Octo Star Tetrahedron a platonic solid the basis of sacred geometry which represents light, spirit, body.  Feminine and masculine all in one same body, a crystalline field of information that is resonantly linked with each cell of the physical body, the connection in between the physical and ethereal bodies allow us to see the psychological patterns and programs.

One is overwhelmed by a child-like desire to explore, to touch, to feel the space which greets and subsequently encloses around in an otherworldly state of being. The installation delineates aesthetics, creating a visible and invisible language through its implementing audiovisuals that are active and mutable, creating an immersive and interactive experience that is deeply personal and transformative.

FULL EXPERIENCE FROM 04/11/2021 TO  07/11/2021  -  11.00AM TO 9.00PM 

St James Hatcham Building SE14 6AD   *  Goldsmiths University of London



Andree Martis





30/07/2021 TO 12/08/2021

The installation facilitates an introspective deep dive dialogue on anthropogenic sound and visuals of our Oceans to see an invisible issue that take place in the World and causes widespread in the oceans ecosystems. Underwater sounds transforms the ear into a conductor of sound waves and the vibrant lights reflections welcome a sensorial participation is overturned and the visitors therefore become the fish physically insofar as they are immersed in the deep sea and metaphorically by listening what would not be perceived in terrestrial conditions. Space to reconnect with aquaculture and naturalism reproducing a journey into the depths towards the typical points of extraction as a potential horizon of reconnection with aquatic world, already affected by supply issues. Climate change is also part of social transformations, the relationship with Nature embodied by the enduring search for an ecological and intellectually balanced coexistence with planetary life and its diversity, that are manifested in a balance in between ecology and technology. If we are to think and live ecologically, we must embrace a paradigmatic shift in perspective. On this deep dive we found an alarm to awake ourselves to take care of our oceans, animals and Earth Planet. It is like going in a labyrinth into another dimension which is very close and part of us, upon a call from the mystical marine deities from the deep seas, we are now enchanted to feel, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch and to respect each other through our behaviour daily to our Planet. We raise up our voices interacting within, we create change, we transform, we act, we become consciousness.

Mesmerising immersive experience envelop the viewers in a vibrant coloured macro/ kaleidoscopic projections that fuse an analog visuals of underwater recreations with the technological sublime. Exploring a physical and phycological experience bring viewers into the unexpected encounters with textures, forms of the underwater corals dimensions projected in three walls reflected by a mirror floor and bioplastic textures. The audio is composed with analog modular synthesiser, water field records and voice sounds to transform the space within a organic soundscape in continuous dynamic flow of a travel to one of the deepest sides of the sea to observe a coral’s dimension evolved from marine algae to a surrounded vibrant ecosystem underwater feels like audience wants to touch it.

The installation invites kids and adults to explore and interact with the space per 20 minutes to immerse and awake senses through the voice into the microphones generating audio reaction to the visuals, listening, seeing the visual projections, smelling and drawing sea creatures on the floor it is a sensation feeling like to be underwater surrounded by coral’s dive and marine life. 





I have created the generative visuals for the coreographer Daniela Delerci performance installation at Trinity Laban together with surround sound was produced by Mathew Lomas.

The confronting nature of spaces, unpacking sensorial layers of spatiality as a plurality of dimensions and placing the body of the spatial experience.
The work proposes two distinctive spatial designs, challenging on one side the potentiality of the visual and physical dimension and on the other side the
acoustic and dynamic spatiality. Invites the perceiver to frame the meanings of space and to perceive, through a multi-sensorial approach, distinctive spatial experiences that challenge and develops the relation between the body and the space. During the event, the space is designed that connect the intimacy and the subjective
perception within the external experience, tightening the connection between the “the self and the world, subject and object, and in the context of dance, the
spectator within the performer” Libeskind






The way of this installation is displayed by generative surround sound in space by 8-channel speakers and the audience sit around in a circle shape for a alter state of consciousness creating an interactive performance installation by the audience itself moving around in circles to interact with sound activating throat chakra of communication and feeling mesmerised by the generative visuals moving through audio reaction by the audience. It is an invitation to play with diversity of voices getting immersed with the sound in a way the vibration resonates for a deep cleanse and restore energy as a healing process and it become an intimate space where the body feel safe. It feels like we can touch, hear and see stars in motion as a communication through different channels as energy transference and the relationship of our subconsciousness to our consciousness. It brings sense of curiosity to explore and interact in a physical and phycological way reaching awareness in a meditative and high energetic level of mind set. It is a transformation of a space into a tactile, auditory and visual experience. Awaking senses and emotions, it is a contribution to the evolution encouraging the mind, positive energies, instinct and open possibilities of consciousness of Human Beings in a new spatial dimension as an hypnotic pace creating a sense of calm. Working with spatial sound it becomes the ratio between energy of direct, reflected sound and the frequency content of the signals. The spatial impression can be affected by multi sensory interaction, particularly between vision and hearing.





The sounds of Electra Golden Box contains different frequencies of electro-cosmic and magnetic brainwaves, sentences and electronic sounds that connect to the brain, being manifested as electrical impulses on the “nomadic” installation, moving from one space to another, transforming it with sound reverberation from the box to the space, through a metallic resonance, in a unique experience to induce a dreaming state of mind within the space. From public to private, it is extended upon as a smaller sonic portable box, connected to a phone device using a binaural listening to bring focus and relaxation. This is complemented with visuals of geometrical shapes and sparkling lights on the screen so we can activate the dreams in a day dreaming state of mind, or during night time for a deep sleep, sustaining a state of mental functioning of subconscious activation in which there is a dream revelation. Sounds for waking and dreaming in two different stages in a soundscape; engaging with the subconscious via these frequencies, music composed of electro-organic sources, field recordings of the air and the ocean, digital synthesisers, and a short mantra with words to make oneself aware of their own deep connection in order to be protected from any distracting reflections and scatter anxious dreams or feelings away. The state of mind is transformed so the subconscious becomes assimilated into consciousness so human beings can easily become energised and confident with magnificent awareness and a profound sensation of relaxation as their own dreams make reality. The importance of this awareness, then, is to become fearless and to be free to live our dreams with peace of mind. This is my invitation to my audience. Once we connect, for thirty minutes, daily, your subconscious starts to be activated, so our consciousness automatically perceives it, starting to be reflected in the outside world. The information received by the projected mind is then visible in a physical form and perceived by thoughts, images or feelings. The information can be easily used to solve trapped and fearful minds.




27/10/2020 TO 02/11/2020

A process of transformation is happening inside this cosmic space: in 7 minutes, one conceives a deep connection to oneself. Here you can see it. You can feel it, can’t you?
In this, I share my own vibration in the hope that you transcend your immediate consciousness and connect to your soul.                                                                                 

This is a path to your essence, to your frequency. Are you ready?

Inspired by spiritual, phycological experiences, bio-ecological and quantum physical laws. Torresta engages the invisible, not only to be visible, but to be perceptible. It transforms the space as an electromagnetic field in which sound and light waves, integrate the being’s body, mind and soul into one resonant frequency. Torresta seeks to inspire awakening and re/connection to/with oneness. In this space, the being is grounded as these electromagnetic frequencies emanate and are articulated into the visible realm as colour and sound. These vibrations are felt throughout the space and internalised by the individual, resonating with and elevating their own frequency. 

The inception of our world was brought about by the amalgamation of the solar nebular elements, much like conception of life itself, that occurs by processes of cellular fusion. This metamorphosis from the immaterial to the material plane is one catalysed through energy; essential to all matter in existence, being omnipresent on all levels – atomic, subatomic and even further chemical fractals of these particles. Sustained division consequently leads us back to the immaterial, energetic plane to frequencies, to vibrations. We realise the very constitution of our consciousness, of our reality is composed of these frequencies.


U D I O  V I S U A L.  E X P E R I M E N T A L  F I L M S. 


Analog footage and digital manipulation   +   Analog/digital sound   =   5m34s


Flowering the cosmos musically and visually in a perfect celestial rhythm and harmony. The connection of science, spirituality and music began with scientific revolution during the renaissance and reached a peak of romanticism which celebrate intersections of life in a contemporary reaction and radical intellectual journey, observing natural forces of daily life. This short film is based in collected footage from nature and human body exploring energy, emotions, feelings and states of consciousness through lights, colours, emotions, rhythm, synergy coordinated with contemporary dance edited with an experimental perception, creative process of science, spirituality, anatomy and psychology. The transition into a fast rhythm arrives with a light circle reflected and flickering flowers imagery together with light transitions, continuously with smoothly loops and flickers of the visual flowers vibrating with sound at the same time a new visual is played with multiple bodies moving in circles together with background with motioned flowers, it is a culminate moment of the short film. 


Analog Footage and digital manipulation   +   Analog/digital sound   =   2m02s


Almost a square format of this audio visual composition to give a sensation of a microscope observing inner light cells in the body, as pure energy in motion as peaceful, colourful and natural intuitive state. Analog visuals with digital manipulation, together with a minimal ambient soundscape with soft ASMR. The audio visual composition are representing energy itself in similar colourful wave lights as we perceive the sound vibrating and resonating in the body and the space, it is generated by a variety of forms within body as cells and outer space as particles representing a peaceful, intuitive and meditative state so it resonate with energy in a minimal soundscape as the multiplication of circles in the same and different ways how energy moves in the body.

The sound was selected by NX Records and part of Mixtape 2021 Goldsmiths.


Analog Footage and digital manipulation   +   Analog/digital sound   =   2m02s


A wide format of this audio visual composition open the vision to the audience in a new space of energy of sound and lights, as different energies in different spaces interacting with one another. In the space the being feels an active natural electromagnetic field with adrenaline with digital vibrant dots waveforms combined with an analog watercolour background in high speed time line, the energy flow. It has a mental impact of how technology fragment the sense of time, space, self and the co-relation of body, space and energy. Superhighways are an interconnection with audio visuals of a modern communication systems and geometric psychedelic patterns that resemble an analog path of spirituality as a hyperspace itself. 


Analog footage and digital manipulation   +   Analog/Digital Sound     =   3m00s


A high energetic vibration short story about energy fields of Human body so it is a representation of auras in motion, colours, lights, movement in different stages forms and shapes as atoms with high speed of light in space. Different stages of building energy and frequencies from one stage to another it was a process of transformation until it get a climax moment of high frequencies and rhythms. It was complemented with final sounds of modular synthesiser giving more textures, sensation of space and atmosphere. The electric frequencies made me visualise some of new shapes in motion which inspired me to improvise once I started to create the visuals.  It is an invisible body bathed with light and sound, the atomic auras with perfect expression moves in a sensual way with pure love as strong and indestructible, a mystical light player with dynamic sound and rhythms has the visions of pure geometric shapes as spiritual as divine being.


Goldsmiths University of London


This is a group project created and produced by MA students from Sonic, Music and Performance departments at Goldsmiths University of London, this exploring diferent states of mind of the protagonist until reach out self awareness. All the footage was directly recorded by ZOOM with multiple phones, not edited, the lightining and colors was played out representing different states as big part of the story and the sound was sonically catched by feedbacks and delays with some spaced textures from the as a perfomance by itself. 

Andree Martis, Lena Hetzel, Phoebe Peel, Ollie Chubb, Katarzyna Gawlik


Digital Footage   +   Digital Sound   =   2m23s

Digital Touch _ Conscious Isolation Platform 

06/08/2020 to 26/08/2020

The exploration of seven types of love from an individual perspective sharing it in a interactive and challenging the audience to join the same state of emotions. The movement of the body interacting in the space to reconnect with oneself and relation of the body with space, conscious and subconscious, love and awareness. The feminine body exposure comes through in a movement of material, the colours of an emotional awakening, the galactic voice and sound frequencies, reflecting ideas of starlight connect with oneself feelings to the touch silk of the background. Is how all transformation happen in the space, it makes the viewer wanting to reach out and touch, this plays with sensuality, spirituality, awakening feels ripe and well thought out. 

Andree MartisAndree Martis

Live Performances



Andree Martis is a Portuguese - London based audio visual artist, composer and sound designer exploring the relationship of body, mind, space and perception being intimate, transformative and revelatory to her audience. She achieved Master's Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths University of London. Working with multichannel ambisonics sound systems, sound art, experimental and ASMR. Her installations are deeply immersive-interactive through the senses with vibrant visual projections in space being produced within a fusion of analog video and digital generative visuals with contemporary technologies.

Working within a multidisciplinary framework, Martis creates sensorially immersive experiences engaged in processes of attunement, awakening the senses, where our voice can be heard and become visible, creating an authentic natural consciousness process to raising up creativity and self-healing. Martis’ work is conceived through a superlunary feminine gaze. Within the structured space, which both synthesises and reconciles science, spirituality, ecology and technology, one does not simply have experience enacted upon them, but are catalytic in these processes inducing a synergy between them and herself to, as she asserts, “elevate the mind, body and soul” as an expansion of states of consciousness.


 contact: hello@andreemartis.com  -  +44 (0) 7542 817361



Solo Shows

2021 - Forevermore I Play - Goldsmiths University, London, UK

2021  -  Diving Through Corals - Waterman's Art Center, London, UK

2020  -  Torresta, Back Room Gallery - Copeland Park & Bussey, London, UK

​2019 - Sillouette, Fount Art Platform - Fountart (virtual)

2018 - No Oceans, No Life - Curated by A Journal - OFR. Gallery Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Group Exhibitions

2021 - Cosmic Reflections - Demimi's Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2020 - Feel Love Here - Conscious Isolation, Art Platform (Virtual)

2018 - Divinities - MC Saatchi London, London, UK

2016 - The Testament of Eve, The Free-Word Center, London, Uk

2006 - Masks, Roxy Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2006 - A Bailarina, Galeria Serv’Artes, Porto, Portugal

2005 - A Bailarina, Fundação da Juventude do Porto, Porto, Portugal

2005 - “O outro lado...” ESAP, Porto, Portugal

2004 - Variações do Século XX, UAP, Porto, Portugal

Art Residencies

2017 at Joya Arte Ecology, Almeria Spain


Live Perfromances

07/05/2021  -  Electronic Generative Music, ASMR collaborating with Organist _ Union Chapel, London UK  



2009-2019: photographer/visual artist, art/creative director, team coordinator being commissioned by:

M&C Saatchi London, Victoria-Miro Gallery, AucArt, Thomas Heatherwick Studios, Seeds London, Copeland Park&Bussey, Richeldis Gallery/Shard Hotel London, The Arts Newspaper, FAD Magazine, Office New York, Vmagazine, Vogue UK, Vogue Portugal, L'Officiel Italia, Esquire MX, Notion Magazine, Metal Megazine, Neanderthal Parfume, Ree Projects, The Frankie Paris/NY, Tsatsas. 


Advisory Board

Natasha Arselan
AucArt Auction House
"I strongly recommend Andree, she is an excellent innovative creative visionary with a particular sensitivity, strong ethic, experience and values. I know from my own experience with her work will enhance the live of others.”

Back Room Gallery _ Copeland Park & Bussey
“Once we saw her project proposal, we felt excited ago how innovative, vivid and immersive it could be, so we were delighted to select her for the programme, and give her an opportunity to exhibit the project for one week. Andree has a strong sense of authenticity and organisation. She is creative and confident - a true definition of natural talent. Her expression shines and she is persistent in her vision with clarity of communication.”

Hannah Van Den Wijngaard
Victoria Miro Gallery
“Working with Andree is always a pleasure because of the exceptional talent and dedication she brings to each project, I can recommend her without hesitation.” 

Mimi Gray
M&C Saatchi
“I can tell you with confidence that Andree is a gifted photographer, videographer and visual artist, with great eye and sensitive intuition. I look forward to watching her continuing growth and following her amazing work. I would happily be contacted as a referee to testify for her character and talent.”

Alice Murray
“Andree is efficient has a strong work ethic and never missed a deadline. Her commitment to work and creating every detail with highest quality, is admirable. She is trustworthy, talented visual artist who is fantastic to work with.”

Nathalie Assi
Seeds Gallery
“I have commissioned an art work from her after a photography project she did in my company, SEEDS showroom for Vogue magazine exploring the relation of body and space; it was delightful experience with high quality delivery. It was a success and the artwork we are exhibiting attracts many collectors eyes. Andree is a pleasure to work with, she is committed and very talented. She would be an asset to any project.”







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