How To Bring Your Unique Artistic Style With Confidence & Clarity

Using The Sensorial Power of Authenticity


I love finding creatives that are desperate to connect with their true essence to be reflected on their work.

After my own experience, I know that you are looking to feel more aligned and connected with your innerself with flow energy to find clarity to see yourself reflected in what you do as a mirror through your work with authenticity and powerful personality. Together, on this sensorial creative coach course I will show you how to flow emotionally, aligment and your highest frequency with in a process of

Self Labyrinth, Play Mechanics and Invisibe Triumph.

Flow, Connect, Freedom, Expression, Creativity. Excitement, Aligned, Balanced, True Values, Self Connection.

Through this Creative Sensorial Coach Course, I empower creators, artists and business owners to re-connect with the transformational energy of the creative soul through emotive sensory activation and instinctive methods. Holding open, inspired and inclusive spaces to feel into conscious creativity. My approach is always rooted in our connection with

Art, Spirituality and Technology.

I Can Feel You. Can You Feel Me?

I'm Here to Lift You Up, If You Wish.


Be Authentic

Be Conscious

Be Openess

Be Positive

Be Enlighted

Be Balanced

Be Grounded



Sensorial Creative Coach
Intuitively led Creative Coach is designed to deepen your creative connection and align more deeply with creative purpose to be unique as you are. These course are accessible for creatives looking to find their own style and becoming truly connected with their own essence.

What is included ?
Creating a space for open exploration and conscious creativity, each session is designed to overcome any blocks that may be present and begin a journey to the heart and soul of your creative intent. Following the close of each session, a set of Creative Prompts will be provided for you to further your exploration into creative and sensorial connection.

Who are these sessions for?
These sessions are open and accessible for anyone looking for creative guidance, support or a place to explore connecting to with their creative purpose and intent. Centred around an holistic approach coach course are designed to support creative practitioners in any field; from recent graduated students, independent creatives to creative business owners looking to clarify their offering, connect to the root of their expression or simply have a space to feel connected into new ideas.


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Thank You!

Lots of Love, Andree