Let Me Be Free

Indigenous women who identify as lesbian suffer triple discrimination that forces them to migrate from their communities and away from their families, their culture and even their own identity. For many indigenous families, homosexuality simply does't exist. Gender discrimination and sexual orientation, and racism for being indigenous, this reflects the human rights and LGBT activism for social justice.

Liberalism of homosexuality between females inside indigenous communities in Mexico is a delicate thematic, inhibited to share with others and hiding their identities. At a early age, all females are obligated to get married with a man and have many children for their life. Zapatistas/Feminists, Mayan Guerrillas are fighting on their own rights as women on their communities as a revolutionary times, they start to talk and open laws as “right to choose your partner”, but this still very closed minded yet to most of them.

This project reflects this concept on a representation of a lesbian couple living on their own home in Palenque Jungle, the one on the right is from a indigenous community from Chiapas, who is pregnant and decided left her community to be with her lover, a Mexican girl and starting a new life, trying to be safe, hiding their faces as Zapatistas for a social-political change on their society. The revolution started some years ago with land rights and now the women are getting a stronger attitude to manifest their own rights to have a freedom on their own life's decisions, but there isn't a right to be with someone with same sex. 

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