Annette Goertz SS19


Movement is a profound vector of change. Too often movement is perceived exclusively in relation to space, whereby we move through spaces creating a state of constant change, that in actuality, is independent from ourselves. Movement exists on multiple levels of the physical realm, the most poignant, perhaps being the collation between the conscious/unconscious movement within the body and its consequential creation of energy – an act dependent upon oneself. Exploration of body becomes parallel to their creative expression, the muscle contracts unconsciously: hand to brush, brush to paint – a creative potentiality, an idea yet to be expressed. Brush to space – the body is to energy what the brush is to shape, a shape made in the very image of itself. It is the body’s duality of existence between the material and immaterial – its concept manifest – that allows for the insight not only into its space, but so too themself. 

Words by Myles Browne

Art work by Andree Martis

Annette Gortz_Andree_Martis_010Annette Gortz_Andree_Martis_010