Andree Martis, visual artist/photographer originally from Lisbon, Portugal now residing in London. Martis completed her fine art degree at Escola Superior Artistica do Porto, Portugal and Photographic Lighting Expert at EFTI in Madrid and has since gone on to work for such publications as Office New York, V magazine, Metal Magazine, Vogue Portugal, L’Officiel Italia, Victoria-Miró Gallery, AucArt, The Arts Newspaper  and has had her work exhibited in M&C Saatchi London and OFR. Copenhagen.
Martis’ body of work is one conceived through a superlunary feminine gaze, creating images that are intimate and ethereal yet remain visually arresting in their artistry and spirituality. Her discipline explores movement and space to produce visceral images that seek to celebrate femininity in all its complexities and question conceptions of gender itself – intentions defined by her ambitions of liberation and empowerment. 

 contact:  -  +44 (0) 7542 817361



Solo Shows

​2019 - Sillouette, Fount Art Platform - Fountart (virtual)

2018 - No Oceans, No Life - Curated by A Journal - OFR. Gallery Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Group Exhibitions

2018 - Divinities - MC Saatchi London, London, UK

2016 - The Testament of Eve, The Free-Word Center, London, Uk

2006 - Masks, Roxy Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2006 - A Bailarina, Galeria Serv’Artes, Porto, Portugal

2005 - A Bailarina, Fundação da Juventude do Porto, Porto, Portugal

2005 - “O outro lado...” ESAP, Porto, Portugal

2004 - Variações do Século XX, UAP, Porto, Portugal


Art Residencies

2017 at Joya Arte Ecology, Almeria Spain


2009-2019: photographer, art director, production and postproduction being commissioned by and collaborating with publications including: Office New York, V Magazine, Metal Magazine, Vogue Portugal, L’Officiel Italia, Esquire,  Notion Mag, Nicotine mag, Jungle mag, Collectible Dry,  AucArt, The Arts Newspaper, Victoria-Miró Gallery.



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All images © 2020 Andree Martis